Heimdall Network Library

Heimdall is a network library for streaming applications. It features a network abstraction API targeted specifically at the latters requirements. The network components of heimdall include a single-threaded TCP-friendly UDP implementation. Also, heimdall provides a simple API for connection-less communication over UDP and/or TCP.

Do you need to get Heimdall?

Heimdall is a dependency of many of our other projects. However, if you use maven to manage your project, you won't need to download Heimdall by itself as maven will automatically take care for that.

If you are using eclipse to develop your project, you might want instruct maven to fetch the sources for autocompletion as well:

 mvn -Declipse.downloadSources=true eclipse:eclipse

How do you to get Heimdall?

You can download the latest release of Heimdall from our streaming overlay multicast project page.