NUScribe/NUSplitStream - DHT-based multicast

NUScribe is an implementation of the Scribe application layer multicast protocol based on NUPastry. It supports many of the protocol extensions such as outdegree limits. NUSplitStream is a work-in-progress implementation of SplitStream that uses multiple trees to dissaminate the multicast content. The provided implementation of NUSplitStream works well in environments with plentyfull bandwidth resources.

NUScribe includes a novel protocol extension that allows it to build fat-trees to increase overall system performance and resilience.

Long Introduction

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Do You Need To Download NUScribe?

If you use maven to manage your project, you won't need to download NUScribe by itself as maven will automatically take care for that. Just add the following dependency to your pom.xml.


Working With Eclipse

If you are using eclipse to develop your project, you might want instruct maven to fetch the sources for autocompletion as well:

 mvn -Declipse.downloadSources=true eclipse:eclipse