Nov 16, 2012: John Otto presented his Content Delivery and the Natural Evolution of DNS at IMC 2012 at Boston University today!

Nov 13, 2012: Check out our new namehelp coverage map! We now have over 12,500 users in 125 different countries!

Oct 26, 2012: After a writeup on namehelp in McCormick News yesterday, we've been covered in ACM TechNews, Computerworld, Networkworld, to name a few. In addition, there's quite a bit of buzz on Twitter! Join our >600 users (so far) and install namehelp today!

Oct 9, 2012: The best sort of news! We have released namehelp—a new DNS resolver that runs in your local machine and let you get the best possible Web performance whatever the DNS resolver you choose to use. Our upcoming IMC paper describes the work behind it. Download and check it out!

Sep 11, 2012: Check out our new combined platform coverage map! As of today, we have over 1.5 million installations reporting from nearly 7.4 million different IP addresses.

Aug 22, 2012: Fabián has been invited to be in the Editorial Board for ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review (CCR).

Aug 20, 2012: Fabián and John Douceur are co-chairing the 12th IEEE P2P Conference to be held in Tarragona, Spain. We have a fantastic PC and a very exciting program.

Jul 3, 2012: Thanks Google! We have received a new Faculty Research Award.

Jun 23, 2012: Fabián will be chairing a session at SIGCOMM 2012 and has been invited to participate in a couple of panels at two of the associated workshops (MobiGames and W-MUST).

May 23, 2012: Fabián will give the keynote speaker at the Global Future Internet Summit in Seoul, South Korea in Sep. 13! Last year speakers included Van Jacobson, Guru Parulkar and Kevin Fall.

May 17, 2012: Congratulations to John S. Otto for passing his proposal!

Apr 5, 2012: Crowd (Soft) Control: Moving Beyond the Opportunistic, a paper by John Rula and Fabián Bustamante presented at HotMobile 2012, was written about in Discovery News, Wired, and MSNBC. Original story here.

Feb 8, 2012: John Otto presented some of AquaLab's latest work at the CAIDA AIMS workshop.

Jan 5, 2012: The results for the Apps For Metro Chicago Grand Challenge are in -- and our TrailBlaze app took second place! Congratulations again to students John Rula and Ted Stein!

Aug 23, 2011: Congratulations to students John Rula and Ted Stein for placing fourth in the Apps For Metro Chicago Challenge. Their app TrailBlaze Chicago helps bikers living in the Chicago area by showing city officials where new bike paths are needed most. View the entire story.

Aug 15, 2011: In Toronto, John Otto presented "On blind mice and the elephant" at SIGCOMM, Zach Bischof presented "Crowdsourcing ISP characterization to the network edge" at the W-MUST workshop, and Mario Sanchez demoed "Dasu: ISP characterization from the edge"

Jul 8, 2011: McCormick News wrote an article about our FCC Open Internet Challenge submissions. Please remember to support Dasu and NEWS by voting.

Jun 1, 2011: We have two applications in the FCC Open Internet Apps Challenge. If you like our work, please vote for either Dasu or NEWS

Apr 5, 2011: Ars Technica wrote about our analysis of BitTorrent usage during the recent Japanese earthquake and Internet shutdowns in Egypt and Libya.

Mar 29, 2011: A new version of Dasu, our new BitTorrent extension for ISP characterization, is now in beta testing! Watch our screencastshowing how to install and use Dasu: