Aug 2, 2017: Our paper, "Cell Spotting: Studying the Role of Cellular Networks in the Internet", by John Rula, Fabian Bustamante and Moritz Steiner, was accepted to IMC 2017!

Apr 12, 2017: ScaleUphas over 1,200 active users! Measure your In-Flight WiFi experience and improve your Web browsing performance in the air!.

Feb 29, 2016: WiFly is live! Measure your In-Flight WiFi experience.

Jun 5, 2015: John Rula was awarded the Best TA award!

Jun 4, 2015: John Rula successfully completed his thesis proposal - Congrats, John!

Oct 6, 2014: PNAS and Science on the behavior of BitTorrent users and economics

Aug 28, 2014: We have a paper accepted to ACM CoNEXT 2014 on a cool collaboration with Amaral's group

Aug 28, 2014: The work by Angela Jiang, one of our undergraduate researchers, and John Rula have won both categories of the ACM Student Research Competition award at SIGCOMM 2014!

Jul 24, 2014: Zachary Bischof has successfully completed his thesis proposal - Congrats, Zach!!

Jul 23, 2014: We had three papers accepted to the 2014 ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC)! Many congratulations to Mario Sánchez, Zach Bischof and John Rula and our great research collaborators!

Jun 13, 2014: Mario Sánchez successfully defended his dissertation - Congratulations, Mario!!

Jun 9, 2014: John Otto just won the 2014 EECS Best Dissertation Award of Northwestern with his dissertation "The Changing Face of Content Delivery -- Implications for Clients, Content Providers, and the Network at Large". Congratulations John!

Apr 11, 2014: We have released Namehelp Mobile, a tool for Android devices which lets users find the DNS service which gives them the best web performance. Download it today!

Dec 19, 2013: Our paper No "One-Size Fits All": Toward a principled approach for incentives in mobile crowdsourcing was accepted to HotMobile 2014! This work was led by graduate student John Rula in collaboration with Vishnu Navda, Ranjita Bhagwan and Saikat Guha at Microsoft Research India.

Oct 24, 2013: Some of Fabián's thoughts on the need to identify and collect meaningful metrics on Broadband availability appeared as a "Note from the editors" in IEEE Internet Computing, Sep-Oct 2013.

Sep 9, 2013: Our Firefox browser extension for namehelp is now available for download!

May 14, 2013: David Choffnes, a Ph.D. alumni from our lab has accepted a professor position at the College of Computer and Information Science, Northeastern University, starting Fall 2013. Congrats Dave, we are all very proud of you!

Feb 14, 2013: Our latest blog post on comparing broadband services on users' terms — the first in a series about comparing ISPs — was mentioned in this week's EECS newsletter.

Feb 14, 2013: In a recent article, MakeUseOf suggested installing namehelp to improve Internet performance. Thanks for recommendation!