namehelp changelog

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Versions: 1.0

Base client versions

namehelp & UI versions

v1.0.9 (11/16/2012)

  • UI update. Many thanks to Andrés Bustamante for the beautiful new logo!
  • Fixed bug: dashboard plots weren't working on Internet Explorer < 9
  • Fixed bug: web access was cut off during benchmark tests because DNS requests were being rejected
  • Fixed bug: DNS resolutions were failing because namehelp wasn't selecting any resolvers

v1.0.2 (10/16/2012)

  • Python v2.6 compatibility (to support Mac OS X v10.6)
  • Fix logging-related bug

v1.0.1 (10/9/2012)

  • Clean up dashboard interface
  • Fix namebench templating

v1.0 (10/7/2012)

  • Initial public release

v1.0 (10/7/2012)

  • Initial public release